Setting The Mood At Your Wedding’s Afterparty

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The wedding afterparty is growing in popularity. Guests and newlyweds, it seems, just don’t want the party to end so soon. So, they’ll often switch venues post-reception and kick the festivities off anew. Alternatively, some couples choose to have an afterparty so they can end the reception early and cut down on costs associated with normally pricey venues. The reasons for throwing a wedding afterparty, along with the themes and specifics, are as varied as any other, but one thing remains constant—you’ll have to keep the mood right, so your guest spirits are still high. For newlyweds in California, that often means calling the number one Bay Area wedding DJ and entertainment provider: California Non-Stop.

The Importance Of The Party Atmosphere

Despite having some of the trappings of a (possibly) fancy wedding, when stripped to its core, a wedding afterparty is still a party like any other. That means providing the right party atmosphere for your guests is essential to making sure it all goes smoothly. Sure, having the right location, the right venue, and the right refreshments is a great foundation, but there’s more to setting the mood than this.

How This California DJ Delivers

You’ll need to create an ambiance that screams “party” from the get go, and that means you’ll need support from professionals who know all about the ins-and-outs of party planning—from music, to lighting, and beyond. This California DJ has the skills and the experience to make the afterparty a success, in more ways than one.


bay area wedding djNo DJ would be worth their salt if they couldn’t spin some good tunes for your afterparty. In this area, we know no equal. Our DJs are experts at setting the mood through careful song selection and peerless crowd interaction.

Here’s how it works for the afterparty: you consult with the DJ beforehand to go over the set list to make sure they know which songs to play and when (thanks to our large library of music, there’s an overwhelming probability we have the hit songs you’ll want, even the radio-edited versions). If you or a guest has a request during the event, they can accommodate that as well.

Your DJ will arrive, on time and dressed in the manner that you have requested. They’ll set up their gear (no need to worry about setup or teardown fees), then get to work playing those sultry sounds and controlling the crowd. Our DJs are also talented MCs, so if you need them to make announcements and direct the flow of the action, they’re more than well equipped to handle the task.


bay area wedding djListening is one thing, but for a truly happening afterparty, singing along is the perfect way to set a loose and live mood. Our catalog is vast, so we have plenty for you and your guests to choose from. Just let us know you’ll want to be doing Karaoke at your party, then you’ll have the option of requesting songs, which the DJ will play.

They’ll announce your guests with a grand introduction, then let them belt it out to their heart’s content. When you choose our DJ/Karaoke service, we’ll also provide a video monitor with scrolling lyrics, so no one has to worry about forgetting the words to their song of choice.

Photo Booths

Photo booths are the perfect accompaniment to the musical entertainment. They provide guests with a way to show their silly (or serious) side and keep the festivities going in a unique manner. We provide several photo booth styles for smaller and larger groups, including the traditional enclosed booth, the open air booth, and the Mirror Me booth.

Once the photos are printed (on site and with superb quality), your guests will likely be amazed and want to try it out some more. We also provide photos on a flash drive and grant access to an online gallery so you can take a look at all the snaps afterward. It seems like a simple addition, but the photo booth has been proven to excite partygoers and liven the afterparty mood consistently and repeatedly.


Lighting provides a subtle adjustment to the feel of any space that pays off in a big way. With the right ambient lighting, you can adjust the tone from subdued and laid back to extravagant and grandiose. We have an array of lighting types and colors that we can supply for your afterparty, and we’ll help you control the mood in whatever way you see fit.

Limo Service

Nothing beats driving in style, and a limo service is the perfect way to get from the reception to the afterparty in the classiest way possible. We can provide extravagant stretch limos that seat up to eight passengers and will allow you to make a grand entrance to your soiree.

Mini Donuts

Let’s face it, afterparties are usually happening late, and your guests might need the quick boost a delicious snack can provide. Mini donuts are all that, and more, as they can be customized with an assortment of toppings that makes the entire process a much more satisfying experience. These will delight your guests, providing you with plenty of good will and putting them in just the right frame of mind to let the good times roll.

Game Show Setup

Another great diversion that can add depth and excitement to an afterparty. We can provide a high-tech game show setup that pits contestants against one another in tests of with, trivia knowledge, and other fun categories. A bit of friendly rivalry is the perfect way to ramp up the party mood and will leave spirits high for the duration of the evening.

In Summation

Planning an afterparty can be tricky business, but keeping guests entertained and supplying the right mood doesn’t have to be complicated. Remember that by working with our well-trained event specialists, you can open the door to plenty of options that will ensure that the setting for your wedding afterparty is one that you and your guests will not soon forget.

5 Questions to Ask before Booking Your Wedding DJ

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As you begin the process of selecting your bay area wedding DJ, you’ll want to select the top option out of the best DJs in Northern California for your big day.

The easiest way to find the perfect DJ for your wedding is to take time to interview all of your potential choices. And hopefully there’s some chemistry between the DJ and the happy couple, but at times a particular DJ is not going to be the best fit for your wedding day.

Unfortunately, many people have made the mistake of choosing the wrong DJ to entertain their guests during their wedding reception. To help you avoid making this costly mistake, we’re going to share five questions that you should always ask before hiring musical entertainment. By asking the following questions, you’ll find out if your choice is the right fit for your event, making it easier to eliminate everyone that doesn’t make the grade.

1. Are You Working Full Time as a Wedding DJ?

During the earliest stages of the DJ selection process, it’s in your best interest to find out if the entertainer you’re considering is a successful and well-rounded DJ with plenty of experience. By finding out if they are a full-time wedding DJ, you’ll also learn if this individual or company has a wide range of experience playing music at a number of different types of wedding events.

Unfortunately, many of the part-time DJs playing music for weddings are only one dimensional and not really a true expert in this field. While it’s not right to say that all part-time DJs aren’t going to have the skills to handle any wedding, the odds are that you’ll have a much better overall experience if you only stick with the professional wedding DJs that have made this their full-time business and livelihood.

On a side note, if a DJ you interview starts talking negative about one of their clients, you should beware of that particular wedding DJ. Why? Well, if he or she is willing to talk about a previous client to you behind their back, what is this person going to say about you? So that’s something to keep in mind.

2. Will You Create a Completely Customized Experience for My Wedding Reception?

When looking for a wedding DJ, you need to find the perfect choice to create the ideal soundtrack for your wedding reception. This DJ shouldn’t be expected to throw any old soundtrack together based on their personal preferences.

On the contrary, they have to put a musical playlist together based on your needs, your vision, your tastes, and your particular style. A good wedding DJ should realize that all of their customers aren’t created equally.

And even more important, the bride and groom may have their own particular tastes that differ from one another and want a wide variety of music to be played during their wedding reception. So, you’ll have to take the time to give the DJ a list of music that you want him or her to play and a list of the music that they must avoid. If the DJ is good and a true professional, he or she will adhere to your wishes and make sure that all of your wedding music is absolutely perfect based on your criteria.

3. What Type of Sound Equipment Do You Use?

Some brides and grooms might not really care about the type of equipment being used, but it’s definitely worth looking into because you want to make sure they have the right sound system for your big event. And even more important, while you’re asking about their main sound equipment, you also have to inquire about the backup equipment.

Yes, every good wedding DJ should have backup equipment just in case something was ever to go wrong. You don’t want to end up having a wedding with no music because your wedding DJ’s equipment suddenly failed out of nowhere.

So ask about the equipment and make sure it’s top of the line. And also make sure that your DJ has backup sound equipment so that your wedding will have your favorite music pumping through the reception hall no matter what.

4. Are You Willing to Look over Our Wedding Venue If You’ve Never Played Here before?

Remember, if you are about to get married, you absolutely want everything to be 100% perfect on your big day. Sometimes that means having your wedding DJ take a trip to the wedding reception hall to make sure everything will go smoothly musically during the wedding reception.

By taking a trip to the venue beforehand, the DJ will be able to meet with the staff, get to know about any particular rules that they have in place for their DJs and vendors, and it also lets them correctly decide on the perfect sound equipment based on the venue’s acoustics and lighting plan.

5. Do You Offer Any Other Services to Make Our Wedding Reception Extra Special?

Having a DJ that plays great music that you love is obviously the most important feature when choosing the entertainment for your wedding. But it doesn’t mean that your questions come to an end their once you find someone willing to play your favorite songs.

On the contrary, you should find out if your DJ has packages that provide extra services like bringing in video screens, intelligent lighting, and any other requested option that you might have. Because you really want your friends and family to have a great time while they’re out on the dance floor, and adding equipment for photos, video, and more will make your wedding that much more special. So check with the DJ to find out if any awesome extras are available for your wedding.


As you can see, a lot more goes into picking the right wedding DJ then you may have originally thought. But if you ask the questions that we’ve mentioned today, you’ll be able to find the perfect wedding DJ in no time at all.